Reinvigorate your lift with smart upgrades

How old is the lift in your building? Changes in codes and regulations, as well as advances in technology have been made in the years since your lift was installed.

We’re ready to upgrade your equipment to enhance its performance, boost its eco-efficiency and improve the value of your building.

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4 signs your lift needs modernising

Like any other piece of electrical or mechanical equipment, an elevator eventually needs to be replaced or thoroughly repaired. Here are some signs that your lift may be due for a tune up.

Is your elevator often out of order?

A modernised elevator reduces repair costs.

Is the car small and cramped?

A new elevator can increase car space by up to 50%.

Does the lift stop level with the floor?

Uneven levelling poses a safety risk.

Is the interior in poor condition?

A smart, new elevator interior adds value to your building.

How old is your lift? Our recommended solutions based on your lift's age

10 years

Component Upgrades

15 years

Modular Upgrades

25 years

Full Replacement


Small improvements that can make a big difference

Component upgrades are a quick and cost-effective way to make small improvements to your elevator. Upgrades can cover things like the door operator, signalisation, or lighting system.

We recommend component upgrades if your elevator:

  • has noisy doors
  • is fitted with outdated and impractical signalisation
  • is more than 10 years old

Benefits from component upgrades

  • Modern signalisation can be dimmed to save electricity
  • Standby lighting and ventilation cuts energy consumption
  • LED lights use less energy and last much longer than halogen lights
  • Energy regeneration systems recover energy and produce electricity.
  • A modern hoisting system can significantly reduce energy consumption.


Boost performance with smart modular upgrades

Modular upgrades significantly improves the performance of your elevator by updating entire systems. This type of modernisation applies to things like the hoisting machinery, electrification system, or doors.

We recommend modular modernisation if your elevator:

  • consumes a lot of electricity
  • does not level properly on landing floors
  • has an impractical or outdated interior
  • is 15 to 20 years old

Benefits from modular modernisation

  • Accurate leveling prevents people from tripping on the door sill.
  • Decrease unexpected costs and extend equipment lifetime.
  • Maximum reliability and performance and improved ride comfort enabled by modern drives.
  • Reliable door operation that improves performance and traffic handling, with opening and closing speeds that can be adjusted according to the needs of the building.
  • Significantly reduced elevator brake noise with the latest in brake modules and dampening materials.


A brand new lift in the shortest time possible.

With full replacement we completely remove your old elevator and install a brand new one in your building’s existing shaft.

We recommend full replacement if your elevator:

  • has a small, cramped car
  • takes a long time to travel between floors
  • is often out of order
  • is 25 years old or more

Benefits from a full replacement

  • Pleasant and modern look and feel. The elevator is the first thing potential buyers see when they come to look at your apartment building, so it pays to make a good first impression.
  • Cut elevator energy consumption by as much as 60–70% from advances in hoisting technology as well as reductions from improved lighting and other components.
  • Improved lift reliability with less waiting, fewer breakdowns, and less frustration for all tenants.
  • Cost savings from improved eco-efficiency and reduced maintenance needs.
  • Peace of mind knowing it’s compliant with local codes, standards and regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

Just like any other piece of machinery, your elevator will need modernising at some point during its lifetime. This can range from smaller component upgrades or replacement of individual systems, to full elevator replacement. It is an investment that pays off in increased safety, improved reliability and style, and lower energy costs.

Old elevators may not have been designed or specified to meet the standards and regulations of today’s equipment. They may not have a communication system, so people can’t call for help in an emergency. Finally, an old elevator might not stop level with the landing, which can cause people to trip on the door sill.

The first step is to discuss it among members of your building’s strata committee and with your facility manager. If you decide that modernisation and upgrades may be necessary, get in touch with us to arrange a free, no-obligation assessment. The final decision is made by the strata committee and facility manager.

The first step is planning. This defines the scope of the modernisation and the best way to implement it. Once the strata members decide to proceed, we do the final installation planning before removing the old equipment and installing the new elevator.

About two to six weeks on average, depending on the solution. If your lift only requires component or modular upgrades, these can be done in just a few days, whereas the full replacement of a lift takes longer.

We always plan the modernisation process so that people can live and move around the building safely while the work is going on.